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Week of June 9, 2019

Coming Up...

Mom's Brain Tumor

It's large. It's inoperable. Even with treatment, 12 months is an optimistic prognosis.

Here's mom's Caring Bridge page -

I'll probably be headed back to Minnesota next week.  Between now and then there's still a lot to be done here in Pennsylvania.

There's still nothing about the situation right now that doesn't suck.

But if you feel so inclined, there's a way you can help me better help Mom and my brother, as I shuttle back and forth in the coming months between Minnesota and Pennsylvania. A friend started a Go Fund Me page to help with expenses -

Here's another post with a little more context

Theater Reviews

Out of town and out of the theater loop right now but, recent reviews - Sandbox Theatre's Golden Record Project - 5 stars; Prime Production's Marjorie Prime - 3 stars; Frank Theatre's The Cradle Will Rock - 4.5 stars; Paige Collette and Tatiana Pavela's The Monica Meditations, and Brandi Alexander - 4.5 stars; Girl Friday Productions/Park Square's The Skin of Our Teeth - 5 stars; Chain Reaction Theatre's new showcase What Guys Really Want - 3.5 stars

Just in case anyone was wondering why the steep drop off in the number of theater reviews in recent months, I posted some words of explanation here.

Coverage of the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival can be found on the blog here.

And here's some links to a roudup of the best theater I saw in 2017, and the best theater I saw in 2016.


Here, if you're curious


Here, if you're curious

New Play Exchange

My plays are being uploaded here as well, if you have a membership to read.

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