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Week of November 26, 2017

Coming Up...

November Writing Challenge

Home stretch, five days of writing to go. Already got a full rough first draft of Spellbound. Gotta keep this rolling. If you want to see my brain ping around developing material for a new play that isn't fully formed yet, check out the blog.


Need a new song for Spellbound, in additon to working on the four for Love's Prick. Lot of guitar work ahead.

New Material On Website

2016's Discreet, Straight-Acting, Disease/Drug-Free, and 2016's TV Boyfriend are now in progress.

The most recent completed entries are: my Monologue Madness entry from Little Lifeboats' earlier in the year; Take My Hand - three threads from a ten minute play about a way we give each other courage; The Morning After The Morning After - ten minutes of pillow talk; The Morning After He Killed Himself - ten minutes of self-inflicted haunting; and How To Date A Werewolf

Farewell to Playwright Friend Sean Grathwol

One of the first writer friends I made after moving to Minnesota over 25 years ago died unexpectedly in his sleep over Labor Day weekend.  It was good to see old friends at his memorial, though the reason was sad.  I posted some thoughts about Sean online, to share a bit of who he was with people who didn't have the privilege of knowing him.


Looking for marching orders for something you can do (like stop the current tax bill in the Senate)? Check these out - The podcasts currently keeping me sane on a political front these days - Pod Save America, Pod Save The People, Lovett or Leave It, Pod Save The World, and With Friends Like These. Check them out if you want to stay informed, active, and have a laugh or two while you're at it.

Here's why I've read my last think piece on the death of American democracy back on December 1st, and some helpful hints for living under the new regime from a historian who's seen it all before.

Theater Reviews

2017 theater reviews are piling up: Theatre Coup d'Etat's Moby Dick; Park Square's Hamlet; Minnesota Jewish Theatre's Church and State; Wayward Theatre's The Weir; Bucket Brigade's Sam's Son; Little Lifeboats' Sing To Me Now; Frank Theatre's Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.; Jungle Theater's The Nether; Theatre Pro Rata's The Minotaur; HUGE theater's Interludes; Children's Theatre Company's The Abominables; Youth Performance Company's Mean; Sandbox Theatre's In The Treetops; Swadive's mONSTER; Matchbox Theater's Einstein; Theatre Unbound's Aliens With Extraordinary Skills; Fortune's Fool's Lady With A Lapdog; Dark and Stormy's Fool for Love; 20% Theatre Company's Ballast; Jungle Theater's Fly By Night; Girl Friday's Idiot's Delight; Fire Drill and BLAQ's part in Momentum: New Dance Works Festival; Sheep Theater's The Good Boy and The Kid; Theatre Coup d'Etat's The Baltimore Waltz; Full Circle Theater's 365 Days/365 Plays: A 2017 Remix; Trademark Theater's The Boy And Robin Hood; Savage Umbrella's Night of New Works; Walking Shadow's Red Velvet; Prime Productions' Little Wars; 20% Theatre Company's latest round of Q-Stage - Set A and Set B; Nimbus Theatre's Redemption; Jungle Theater's Lone Star SpiritsUprising Theatre's Prometheus Bound; Park Square's The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence; Green T Productions' A Thousand Cranes; Mission Theatre's and Wayward Theatre's co-production of The Ghost Train; Sheep Theater's The Assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand; Frank Theatre's Citizen: An American LyricGadfly Theatre's And Then They Fell; Savage Umbrella's The Awakening; Illusion Theater's Thurgood; Jungle Theater's Anna In The Tropics; Theatre Unbound's Mere Trifles; Minnesota Jewish Theatre's The Whipping Man; Classical Actors Ensemble's As You Like It; Walking Shadow's Marie Antoinette; Illusion Theater's Miranda; 7th House Theater's Rhinoceros; Sandbox Theatre's Big Money; Mosaic Productions' Almost, Maine.

Posted a Top Ten list (of what I saw) for theater in 2016, with links to pretty much everything I wrote about good, bad and indifferent over the past year.  Check it out.

Fringe Blog 2017 Edition

The Minnesota Fringe Festival with Mom and after was a blur - but a good blur.  We both agree it was a really high quality festival this year.  We saw lots of great stuff, and far fewer duds than usual.  Check out audience reviews on the Fringe site, they seem to agree with that assessment.  Still cranking through reviews of the 30 shows we saw, and the 26 I saw without her, so she can finish her scrapbook of the big event, and I've got an archive for next year.  You can check out my full lists of returning favorites and the new pre-Fringe Top 10/Top 20 suggestions, plus some random shout-outs associated with those lists. You can find my blogs on this year's Fringe so far collected here.

Mistletoe #1 and #2 in 105 Five-Minute Plays for Study and Performance Now Available!

Mistletoe #1 and #2 are included in Smith and Kraus publishers' new anthology "105 Five-Minute Plays for Study and Performance," now available on Amazon and other friendly venuesThey have a fun twitter feed with tweet-synopses of all 105 plays being posted, so check that out for a giggle (I saw mine float through the other week).  Along with Mistletoe #3 and #4, and Pitching Christmas #1 through #3, Mistletoe #1 and #2 were part of Little Lifeboats' 2015 holiday show "I Never Eat December Snowflakes."  (All of which reminds me, I need to upload those scripts to this website.  And hey, if you're planning ahead and looking for some holiday shorts, all of the Mistletoe and Pitching Christmas scripts are part of my Short Plays Volume 4)


Here, if you're curious


Here, if you're curious

New Play Exchange

My plays are being uploaded here as well, if you have a membership to read.

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