Ally McBeal - Common As The Rain

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Ally finds herself in the middle - again - when her boss Richard and roommate Renee's law firms go head to head in a case involving the buyout of a company owned by two gay men. The men, in a long term relationship, started the company together, but now that an old lover has appeared on the scene and the couple has split, the jilted lover is using the buyout of the company as a means to hold his ex-lover in town, hoping for a reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Billy and Georgia try to find a way to amicably split up their possessions in the wake of their pending divorce.

Don't be ashamed
Don't feel sorry for the pain
Sometimes you get your hopes up
And they fall back down again
The time we had was magic
And the love was not in vain
Falling down's as common as the rain
-- David Wilcox

© Matthew A Everett