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Week of February 17, 2019

Coming Up...

Family Birthdays

Dad (who is still hanging in there with us) turned 91 this weekend.  Phew!  91 trips around the sun.

Rewrites, Musical and otherwise, Continue

Making progress on the latest song.  And a readthrough of act one of the new Spellbound has me realizing I need to spend more time with the character of Sarah and invest in her romance with Auggie to balance out the love triangle. Also need to get more plays out the door. And contemplate a Christmas sketch for a friend's theater this December. Onward.

Theater Reviews

Even though it was written over 75 years ago, Thornton Wilder's comedic take on the end of the world, and human survival, seems eerily familiar in Girl Friday Productions/Park Square's The Skin of Our Teeth - 5 stars, thru 3/3

Masculinity is exhausting - just ask the characters in Chain Reaction Theatre's new showcase What Guys Really Want - 3.5 stars, thru 3/3

Just in case anyone was wondering why the steep drop off in the number of theater reviews in recent months, I posted some words of explanation here.

Coverage of the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival can be found on the blog here.

And here's some links to a roudup of the best theater I saw in 2017, and the best theater I saw in 2016.


Here, if you're curious


Here, if you're curious

New Play Exchange

My plays are being uploaded here as well, if you have a membership to read.

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