But Not For Love

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Production History

The bulk of the action takes place in several locations inside a church, which can be indicated by three pools of light

- the primary playing area is the sanctuary where the wedding ceremony will take place (including the multi-colored light shining in from an unseen stained glass window)

- two areas where the bride and grooms will pair up to change for the wedding

The secondary pools of light will also represent other areas -

- outside the church where the protesters are gathered

- other areas in the church, such as a hallway where the guests are shepherded away from the sanctuary by Roland and Duke

- the police station where Duke prepares for his day on duty

- a place where the Duchess prepares her clerical garments

- places where Patrick and Jacob conduct their phone call

All these areas should be indicated with as little actual furniture as possible. One or two places to sit, perhaps even part of a pew for the sanctuary.

Duke will need a police uniform, walkie talkie, and medical gloves

The Duchess will need clerical garb, including a rainbow stole

The three grooms start out in street clothes, then change into tuxedoes for the wedding

Eleanor changes from street clothes into a fancy dress, but not a traditional wedding gown - perhaps a purse in which to keep her phone

Jacob is in casual clothes, with a T-shirt with anti-gay slogan on it for the protest

Key props would include a couple of good sized rocks for hurling (unseen) through the stained glass window of the church, a blue party napkin with a phone number on it, cell phones

Cast of Characters


male, 20s, college student, Patrick's younger brother


gay man, 30s, about to be married to Ephram


female, Ephram's sister, 30s, about to be married to Roland


gay man, 30s, about to be married to Patrick


male, 30s, about to be married to Eleanor


female, late 40s/early 50s, retired minister, formerly a man named Forest


male, late 40s/early 50s, a policeman

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