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Touched By A Handbag (or Highway To Handbag) - Production History

Production History

Outworks Festival: January 2008
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
(This is a production covered in the Dog Tag listings)

ED: Garrett Bruce
PAUL: Glenn Aucoin
PERCY: Taylor Fabre

Theatre Unbound: April 2005
Illusion Theater
Minneapolis, MN
"Touched By A Handbag (or Highway To Handbag)" was created and produced as part of Theatre Unbound's annual 24-Hour Play Project. This year's project was performed at the Illusion Theater in the Hennepin Center for the Arts in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday, April 2, 2005. The play came into being the night before, on April 1st between 9pm and 12:30am The writers were each assigned a writing partner by drawing names out of paper bag. Then the writers were given a cast size and gender makeup by a similar drawing (ours was three women). All the writing teams were also given the same set of parameters - the available set pieces (which we chose not to utilize) and the following five elements that had to be included - an emotion (suspicious); an item (a handbag - which we got to choose from a collection of bizarre handbags on hand), a line of dialogue ("Tastes like fishsticks"), a stage direction (circle the perimeter of the stage slowly), and an apology. The director was Wendy Resch. The cast was as follows:

EDWINA: Maggie Pistner
PAULINA: Sarah Ochs
HANDBAG: Heidi Berg

Powderhorn Writers Festival: May 2005
Center for Independent Artists
Minneapolis, MN
The verse version of "Touched By A Handbag (or Highway To Handbag)" was commissioned for and first performed as a part of the Powderhorn Writers Festival Sixth Annual Poetry Puppetry Cabaret - Door Swung Open - in conjunction with the puppeteers of BareBones Productions on Friday, May 20, 2005 at the Center for Independent Artists ( in Minneapolis, MN. The play was directed by Cherie Anderson. The cast was follows:

EDWINA: Muriel Bonertz
PAULINA: Erin Conery
HANDBAG: Heidi Berg

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