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Production History

Emigrant Theater: December 2005
The Playwrights' Center
Minneapolis, MN
The Auction Play - Choose (or rather Bid) Your Own Adventure

In October and November, Emigrant Theater commissioned playwrights Trista Baldwin, Kimberly Burke, Matthew Everett, Christina Ham, Jordan Harrison, David Mann, Allison Moore, Dominic Orlando, Victoria Stewart and Sheri Wilner to pick a slot in the pyramid structure of scenes.

With a first scene adapted from Moliere's "The Forced Marriage," the play then branched out in two possible directions. There were no rules, no boundaries, no specifications. Each of those options in turn branched off into two more options and so on until each playwright had contributed three scenes, for a total of 30 scenes and sixteen possible plot strands, all based off of the same beginning point.

On the night of the Play Date, December 3, 2005, the audience bid on which scene option they would like to see next, culminating in two playwrights being teamed up on the spot to write the final scene.

Of the three scenes I wrote, one - 4E - was performed.

As that plot thread progressed, the other two founders of Emigrant Theater joined Jessica Finney in taking on roles - Jason Brown becoming Neptune, god of the sea, and Matt DiCintio becoming Moliere, incensed that his play had sprouted mermaids, monkeys and talking bicycles. The cast of the roles in my scene 4E was as follows...

REYNOLDS: Sasha Andreev
HAMILTON: Sasha Andreev
GERRY: Gary Keast
BICYCLE: Katie Leo
ARIEL (Mermaid #2): Katie Leo
MONKEY (Brian): Jessica Finney
KELSEE (Mermaid #1): Lina Wiksten
MANATEE: Lina Wiksten
DEXTER, the Stage Direction Reader: Nicholas Harazin

© Matthew A Everett