Make Me

"I'm not anybody's home, Seth. I never have been."
Photo Courtesy of Bruce Weber spread on Damon/Affleck in Interview Magazine December 1997

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If you could make someone love you, would you? Should you?

Seth is a photographer in possession of a magic camera that can make people fall in love with him.

Nursing a long-time case of unrequited love for his straight best friend Jared, Seth has used the camera to initiate a series of one-night stands with other gay men.

When Jared is on the verge of proposing marriage to his lover, Sarah, Seth turns the magic camera on Jared and the two men begin an affair.

The fall-out of this act by Seth has both physical and emotional consequences for those closest him - not just Jared and Sarah, but also Randy, Seth's photography assistant; Grace - Seth's friend, who knows his secret; her partner Claire - who doesn't; as well as their seven-year old son, Aidan, who tries to fix things with disastrous results.


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(Disclaimer: The picture of Matt Damon is just a placeholder. I needed a picture of a guy with a camera, and this was the first useful one I ran across. It isn't meant to imply anything about Mr. Damon, or any connection to the project. More's the pity.)

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