Ally McBeal - Posthumous Love Songs

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While on lunch break from court, Nell makes a quick stop by her father's viewing at the funeral home, and must contend with what she considers her mother's inappropriate grief and the presence of her late father's much younger widow - the woman who Nell's father ran off with when Nell was just a child. Some assistance may be in the offing for Nell in the form of the undertaker's son.

Ally is literally haunted by visions of her late ex-boyfriend Billy while at lunch with her current boyfriend Brian. Brian, tired of being shut out by Ally, hands her an ultimatum to let him in or let him go. As Brian waits for Ally to come to a decision, and Ally tries to exorcise Billy's spirit from her life once and for all, Elaine is looking to move in on Brian.

Mark finds himself in the hands over an overzealous dental hygienist who has a thing for him, and his gums.

Renee and John try to sort out a life for themselves, apart from Ally.

Whipper laments the collapse of her relationship with Richard.

© Matthew A Everett