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LONESOME, WILD & BLUE (or How To Date A Werewolf) (2010)
Terry has recently been diagnosed with latent lycanthropy - a carrier of the werewolf virus, which can be spread through sexual contact. In a restaurant, Terry's date, Robin, reminds them of Terry's doctor, and a memory of a recent medical appointment. When Robin steps off to the restroom, the waiter arrives. The waiter turns out to be Glenn, the zombie remains of Terry's former lover, who has some unfinished personal business with Terry. But then, Terry has unfinished personal business with Glenn as well.

HEAD ABOVE WATER (version 2.0) (2005)
Casey and Jordan are trying to enjoy some stolen moments in their new relationship, even while Jordan's on duty as a waiter. However, the interest and attentions of nearby stranger Pat takes the conversation in unnerving directions, unearthing the precarious nature of each person's place in the larger world.

HEAD ABOVE WATER (version 1) (2005)
A harried Pat meets friend Casey for a meal and catching up, which turns into an examination of Pat's own desperation and loneliness, thanks to the attention's of Casey's new dating partner, Jordan the waiter.

This playlet, which can be done with three women, three men, or any combination thereof, with various age and sexuality combinations as well, has the elements of a standard Thirst play - person waiting at a table, waiter, person who pops up later, among other conventions - but peels back the lid a bit to see what lies squirming underneath, to both comic and dramatic effect.

A waiter, a customer, a waitress - Kip wants to connect with Scotty, who wants to connect with Roz, who just wants to close up and go home so she can feel human again.

DENTS (2004)
The trio from the restaurant return - Scotty talks about his physical scars, Roz talks about some emotional ones, and Kip deals with a soft spot of the political variety. In other news, Scotty asks Kip, rather than Roz, to go out with him.


THIRST is series of rotating short plays written in short order as a collaborative exercise between writers and actors to stretch their creative muscles and get some live theater on its feet in front of a live audience that's game for anything - all taking place in a restaurant/bar where the audience has gathered to eat, drink and be entertained without a stage or fourth wall to speak of. The scripts of mine that acumulate in this section were composed in that spirit, with the end production opportunity in mind. But allow me to just let the THIRST people speak for themselves...



To create an environment where the numerous exceptionally talented professional actors and playwrights in the Twin Cities can work and play on their craft together and more often.

To experiment with a new form of theatre that is more spontaneous, more direct and more accessible to both artists and audiences.


We want to create a place where Equity actors test, challenge, and stretch their skills through the new work of professional playwrights who push their own boundaries with uncensored, unrefined, exceptionally spontaneous scripts;

a place where a new audience finds the joy and transcendence in live theater by engaging with talented theater artists at play;

a place where artists and audiences enjoy themselves in an environment where they are already, naturally, at ease; and a place where the overhead is low enough that the artists are paid.


The full scripts of the plays "Invisible," "Dents," "Template," and "Head Above Water" from "The Thirst Collection" are available for purchase as part of "Short Plays, Volume 2" (in hard copy or download form) at

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