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When Dana and Ash, two high school sweethearts now in their thirties, meet again in the ruins of their old elementary school, the undertow of old emotional ties threatens to undo their current relationships with others. Will Dana be able to resolve his conflicts with his lover Julian over the long-distance relationship into which their connection is evolving? Will Ash find love with Aidan the pizza boy? Will Dana and Ash find their way back to each other? Should they?

The four parts of the "Dandelion Snow" cycle can be performed as stand-alone pieces, in combination or all together as part of the larger story.

Sequence One - "Dandelion Snow" - is the beginning of the story, which is continued in "Across Their River" (Sequence Two), "Extra Cheese" (Sequence Three), and "Tools" (Sequence Four).


The full scripts of the plays in "The Dandelion Snow Cycle" are available for purchase as part of "Short Plays, Volume 2" (in hard copy or download form) at

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