But Not For Love

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A double wedding. Two couples - one straight, one gay - divided over what their ceremony should mean to themselves or anyone else. A lovelorn lady minister who has a secret of her own. A policeman torn between the picket line outside the church and the ceremony he's obliged to protect. A protester with ties to the bride and the grooms who's willing to throw rocks through stained glass windows to keep the vows from taking place.


Eleanor and Ephram, sister and brother, are both getting married on the same day. And they're each getting married to a man. With protesters, policemen and a TV news crew outside the church, inside the couples are split over what their day and their ceremony should mean, to themselves or anyone else.

Patrick, Ephram's groom, agrees with Eleanor that they all need to make a statement by getting married. But Roland, Eleanor's groom, and Ephram both just want a simple ceremony and a quiet day.

Another attraction begins to blossom between the female minister, known as the Duchess, and one of the policemen standing guard over the church, Duke. But a secret from the Duchess' past may prove more of an obstacle than the two of them can overcome.

Meanwhile, outside among the protesters, Patrick's younger brother Jacob hurls a rock through the stained glass window in an effort to keep the wedding from taking place. When the rock draws blood, one couple may not end up getting married today, or any other day.

Men have died from time to time,
And worms have eaten them,
But not for love.
- As You Like It, William Shakespeare

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