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A tight-knit group of college friends struggle with sexual identity, spiritual yearning, and romantic confusion - and all is somehow made right by Skippy the Wonder Dog, a young man in a dog suit with problems of his own.

Harris likes Ralph who likes Isobel who likes Linc who likes Skippy, who he doesn't know is Spencer under that dog suit. Harris is struggling to be true to his fabulous self in a butch gay boy's world. Ralph is trying to get out from under his brother Linc's shadow. Isobel is trying to free herself from her irrational obsession with Linc. Linc is just trying to hold together the pieces of his broken heart in the wake of his first big breakup. Diana is struggling to come out to Isobel, which is complicated by the fact that Diana has bonded with Isobel over their common religion, but also likes Isobel as more than a friend. And Spencer would like to be more than just the guy in the dog suit at the mall for Linc, but can't reveal himself to him while on duty - a job he needs to support himself since his parents kicked him out. Window shopping has just become a contact sport.

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