Two Left Feet

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This absurd comedy/drama about loss is written to be non-gender specific. The characters can be all female, or all male, or a combination. Love is love. Grief is grief. War kills everybody.

Taylor joins the military and goes off to serve their country in a time of war.

Jamie is Taylor's civilian partner who waits back home.

When Taylor is killed in action, Jamie gets an American flag, and a foot. Taylor's foot.

The foot was preserved in ice and snow in a mountain roadside bomb attack, and is now blue, and curiously refuses to rot.

Jamie proceeds to incorporate Taylor's foot into everyday life.

Taylor, represented by an actor dressed in black from head to toe, with the exception of one long blue sock on the left foot, occasionally converses with the audience.

Third, the other member of the cast, portrays three roles - the military officer who brings Jamie the flag and the foot, one of Jamie's parents (mother or father depending on the gender of the actor chosen), and someone new in Jamie's life.

Jamie's parent worries that Jamie is stuck in a cycle of grief and unable to let go of Taylor and get on with their life, as long as the foot is around.

The new person Jamie meets is also grieving for a loved one lost in war, and also has a spare limb back home, an arm. Jamie and the new person look to each other as a way to move on, but aren't entirely sure they should.

This play was written as part of Commedia Beauregard's ( collaboration with the Museum of Bad Art (, "Masterworks - The Museum of Bad Art Plays." It was inspired by the painting "My Left Foot" (1991) by Sooz, MOBA Catalog #271, 30" x 36", oil on canvas.

"And I am coming home to you
With my own blood in my mouth.
And I am coming home to you,
If it's the last thing that I do."

- The Mountain Goats

© Matthew A Everett