This Isn't A Horror Story

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What’s it like having to reintroduce yourself to a person you love who doesn’t remember who you are? David is discovering the different permutations of the answer to that question when he spends the holidays visiting his octogenarian father Ralph in the nursing home. A recent stroke has accelerated the progress of Ralph’s dementia and memory loss. David’s extra set of hands allows his stepmother Dorothy to get Ralph out of the nursing home for day visits. David quickly learns that there are a lot of logistics involved in getting his newly dependent father through the day. Ralph maintains his sense of humor even as more and more of his memory eludes him. Whether it’s a high school graduation speech, an old church hymn, or the curious notion of having to repeatedly come out to your father because he keeps forgetting you’re gay, David works hard to connect with the parts of the past his father still recalls. David also wonders, as a single man living alone, if he is at all prepared for his own later years. On the morning you wake up and don’t know where you are, or what the date is, you realize there will come another morning when you don’t recognize your son. Ralph, David and Dorothy find a way to navigate this very different holiday season together.

© Matthew A Everett