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"So here's the story of how I turned into a dog."

From: Studpuppy
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Male 20s SPENCER
Spencer is a young gay man in his late teens/early twenties, who works his way through college by walking around a local mall in a dog outfit, based on Skippy the Wonder Dog, a popular cartoon character. Over the course of this monologue, he is standing next to someone else in the dog outfit, who he helps out of the costume, and then puts the costume on himself. When in the dog suit, one cannot talk, so the monologue could simply be done completely to the audience with the dog suit hanging on a rack or a hook that the actor just puts on by himself. The last item to put on is the dog head. Once that goes on and the transformation is complete, Spencer is silent.

(This monologue, which opens the play, was published by Greenwood-Heinemann Publishing as part of the collection, "The Playwrights' Center Monologues For Men" in April 2005. Copies of the book can be purchased through their website - - or calling - 1-800-225-5800 - or through the U.S. Mail via - Heinemann, P. O. Box 6926, Portsmouth, NH 03802-6926)

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