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"It's the part of you that I know best. I have the back of your neck memorized."

From: The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon
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Jonathan's parents gave him a hundred dollar bill to go get something he wants as a graduation present. What he wants is to lose his viriginity before he graduates. And he wants to lose it with David, the frat boy he shares a lab station with in chemistry class. On the night before graduation, alone in the chemistry lab, the young men strike a bargain. Jonathan has admitted he finds David sexy. David wants an example.

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"If I could define sex, I wouldn't need to give you a hundred dollars"
"Six condoms. You're an optimist.")


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The way you hold her hand. Your girlfriend.
It's sexy. You don't grab her or hold on too tight, but you're not trying to get away either. It's just -- comfortable. Your fingers -- the two of you, the fingers knit together. You're close to each other or you're roaming all spread out but never quite let go. Like it's a part of you. Like breathing.
The back of your neck. It's sexy.
I don't know exactly why. Maybe because I see it all the time in class. Skin. Always exposed. You're vulnerable. It's the part of you that I know best. I have the back of your neck memorized. It's all I could do sometimes not to reach out and touch it.

copyright 1998 by Matthew A. Everett

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