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Fringe 2007 - Un-Official Fringe Encore Lottery Results

I, and a hardy handful of others, ambled into the Bedlam lobby/bar space on Saturday early evening at 5pm, where 15 ping pong balls were put in a charming Guthrie blue (in honor of last year's first Encore) plastic box, rattled around, and then a few random folks who weren't Fringe staff pulled the lucky balls...

Hmmm... That doesn't sound kosher... Uh, no nudity warnings needed, rest assured.

At any rate the 1st, 5th, 10th and 15th balls drawn were the foursome chosen for the Fringe Encore out in Hopkins this November. The balls drawn 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., were the wait list, in the order they were drawn. I'm hardly official, but this is how my scribblings took it down (sorry, no links at the moment, don't have time for code, but you can look 'em up here on the site very easily)

The Encore performers

I Hate Kenny G - Allegra Lingo and Commedia Beauregard

Buckets and Tap Shoes

Take A Left At The Giant Cow - A Beginner's Guide To North Dakota - Fringe spoken worders Laura Bidgood and Curt Lund

Hansel and Gretel (The Musical) - Top Hat

Those who wait

Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach - In The Basement Productions

KIPO! - TigerLion Works

Monster Movies With My Undead Dad - Nancy Donoval

A Brief History of Petty Crime - The Roodie Pancake Experiment, aka Jimmy Hogg

Bards - Four Humors Theater

...and oops, here's where my scribblings fail me...I've got two different sets of three marked for slots six, seven and eight on the wait list (I'm sure the Fringe staffers took better notes than this... I wonder how my mind works sometimes...)

One six, seven, eight group is...

But I'm Not Bitter - Confessions of a Middle-Aged Lounge Lizard - Jeffrey Jackson

Circumference - Amy Salloway

Loss of Breath - Jill Anna Ponasik

The other six, seven, eight group is...

The Honeymoon Period Is Officially Over - Gemma Wilcox

The Comedy Jesus Show - Creative Mindworks

Vilification Tennis - Vilco

So one of those sets is the next to last three drawn, and the other is the last three drawn

As you might imagine, with so few ping pong balls, it went rather quickly So I'm sure the Fringe will post the official list and notices on the performances and all that shortly.

My little cheat sheet from the Fringe does say that the performances will be November 8-11, 2007 Hopkins Center for the Arts So I know that much.

Honestly, it was just nice to see some familiar faces and chat with some of "the old gang" from Fringe 2007.

In case you were wondering, the 15 shows were compiled from

the top 15 shows by attendance

the top 15 shows by percent capacity (to give the smaller venues a fair shot)

the top 15 shows with the most buzz - measured by the greatest percent increase in audience between their first and fifth performances, presumably reflecting good word-of-mouth by Fringe audiences Only the first five performances were used for calculation (so if someone had that 6th encore slot, or many many performances due to special scheduling, those extra ones didn't factor in)

Since BYOV shows are site-specific, and not built for a regular theater space, those were removed from the list.

And the Fringe staff checked with folks to see who was interested and available. So even the out of towners, if they wanted, could get in on the act. Sadly, they all ended up on the wait list this time, but that's the way the ping pong ball bounces. Laws of chance and all that. Could have just as easily gone the other way, which would have been interesting in a completely different sense (can you imagine a weekend of performance in rep by Jimmy Hogg, Comedy Jesus, Gemma Wilcox and Jill Anna Ponasik? How fun would that have been?)

As it is, we'll be running Allegra Lingo ragged again, poor dear, with her solo show, and her Buckets musical accompaniment. Curt and Laura will once again return to North Dakota, which I'm sure they thought they'd escaped when they moved here. And Hansel and Gretel can now get lost in the suburbs. A little somethin' for everyone. Two very family-friendly gigs in the mix, plus two very generally friendly shows besides. Perhaps the suburbanites will like us and be lured into the big city next August. That'd be nice.

Wait for official word from the Fringe of course, but since I was there, I thought I'd check in. Back to the day job now.

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