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Fringe 2008 - Ping Pong Ball Party Time

Just got an email from the Fringe, and they've updated the front page of the website thusly...

"The applications are in. The ping pong balls are in their cage. Coco Fondue is readying her best fake eyelashes. It's time for the Fringe lottery. Reunite with your Fringe family for the first taste of the 2008 Minnesota Fringe Witness the majesty of Coco Fondue and the Fringe staff as they randomly draw ping pong balls to determine the 2008 Minnesota Fringe lineup! WHO'S IN? WHO'S ON THE WAIT LIST? COME TO THE WEST BANK TO FIND OUT!"

(Blogger's note - OK, I'm coming. No need to shout :)

"2008 LOTTERY 7 p.m. at Mixed Blood Theatre 1501 South 4th Street, Minneapolis

AFTER-LOTTERY PARTY 9 p.m. at Bedlam Theatre 1501 South 6th Street, Minneapolis

Drink specials at Bedlam + free pizza for early birds from Pizza Lucé And if that isn't reason enough to come hang out, we don't know what could be. Monday, February 11 Lottery at 7, party at 9 Woot!"

(Blogger's note - Woot, indeed :)

And so, my obsessive-compulsive disorder reasserts itself - six months early. Sigh.

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