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Big Night Tonight for Fringe Comedian at ACME

Heads up for those of you needing a good laugh (and who doesn't?) and for those who want to support a very funny Fringer on a big night.

Fringe comedian Ben Sandell (Mittens for Fat Kids, The F Quotient, Funniest Person In The Twin Cities 2006, blogger, etc.) dropped me a note last night about a big show tonight at ACME Comedy Company...

"Thought I should let you know I'm emceeing this week, and... Thursday night (3/6) is going to start with a showcase of the best local comedians. The talent scout from David Letterman is going to be there, so if there was ever a night to have friends in the audience, it's Thursday. ...the showcase should be great. I'm hosting it, and will be the opening act (10 minute set), 8 pm sharp. I haven't started writing my Fringe show, yet, but I plan to get on it after this week. The stress is starting to build. It's going to be a crazy five months. But I think I'm going to have a little more fun with it this time. I took it so seriously last time I forgot to have a good time. I'm a bit punch drunk right now. I didn't realize how big of a deal Thursday's show is going to be until about an hour ago. ...I better get some sleep for the big day."

I am, sadly, working my second job tonight, but I figured I'd help spread the word and see if other folks could go support Ben in my stead. Anyone who's seen his work in the Fringe or out knows how amusing his intelligent off-kilter brand of humor is. So I have no trouble very highly recommending you top off your Thursday with a visit to ACME to see Ben Sandell. ACME Comedy Co. is located in the warehouse district of Minneapolis at 708 North 1st Street in the Historic Itasca Building. Their website is For more on Ben anytime, visit Enjoy.

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