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In My Humble Opinion...


A peek behind the curtain into my playwriting process. Information on the TV show I host, Cue To Cue. Reviews of theater productions. Current and archived coverage of the Minnesota Fringe Festival - 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003 (yup, I'm in my sixth year of trying to get my arms around that August theatrical free-for-all). All that, plus some tentative first offerings of online writing done for my friend's website Past, present, and future. Feel free to dig in anywhere, and help shape upcoming posts by dropping me a line

“Words march out like angels leaving heaven. Beautiful words, but I’m suspicious”

“Don’t worry about lines. We don’t.”

“Write a negative review if you want. We’re white. We probably won’t listen to you anyway.”

“The Iron Lung 2000. It’s so convenient, you’ll be glad you have polio!”

“...which is what I wanted to say. But I couldn’t. Because I talking to my father.”

“Within the apocalyptic resonance of this shout, ten thousand sparkling daisies will bloom at the end of the gun and force their roots down through the barrel in order to make love to the trigger. Of this, we are sure...”

"So, if the Fringe and the artists it supports mean something to you, even a little, send a little donation their way..."

“I remember when cliches used to mean something.”

“Famous North Dakotans... uh...”

"It matters to me because I believe The Fringe is the most exciting true grassroots performing arts event on the much-praised Minnesota arts scene..."

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