The West Wing - Friends of the Groom

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CJ finds herself in the middle of a personal and public relations nightmare when her brother Nathan invites the entire White House senior staff to his commitment ceremony to his partner Paul.

Josh and Joey Lucas try to get in a little quality time, which is frustrated by Donna's newfound romantic interest in Joey's interpreter Kenny.

A judge with a streak of religious zeal causes a showdown over the presence of the Ten Commandments on the wall of his courtroom; the fate of immigrants, legal and illegal, is hotly debated; and the presence of an orbiting spy satellite prying into the lives of ordinary citizens grows more ominous.

[Disclaimer - This script was written as both an exercise and a spec script, back when I had some leads on getting an agent as a TV writer. Though that didn't pan out at the time, it seemed a shame to let the script go to waste. The pictures of the actors in this section are drawn from the Bravo TV channel website. I'm using them just to brighten up this section. It's not meant to imply the script was ever actually produced or the actors whose characters I use ever saw it or read it. The picture of the White House is borrowed from Fractalent - The Personal Web Site of Brian DeConinck - It was the nicest picture I could find of the White House on the web at the time I was doing the updates.]

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