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"It can't be too late, Jeremy. You're still here."

From: Ally McBeal - Common As The Rain
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Robert and Jeremy started a successful computer business together. Jeremy left Robert for another man, Alex, and they are planning to leave town. Robert is using the buyout clause in the business contract to delay Jeremy and Alex's departure, hoping that the extra time, and the exposure to one another in court, will allow him to win Jeremy back.


copyright 2000 by Matthew A. Everett


Is that what you want, Jeremy?
Why do you think I'm here?
Why do you think I did all this?

(to the judge)

Please do not address the defendant?
He's not just a defendant, he's my lover.

(to Jeremy)

I love you. You want me to say it for the record? I will. I love you.

(to judge)

Don't you dare strike those last remarks from the record.
Contempt? Like a jail cell could stop me at this point.

(to Jeremy)

It can't be too late, Jeremy. You're still here.
OK, so I was stupid. I was a coward. I admit it. I didn't know better.
You need to tell me. Give me a real chance to make it right. What'll it take? A full-page ad in the paper? Post it on the web site? A billboard? A skywriter? You want to walk down the street holding hands? You want me to introduce you to people as the most important person in my life? Ten years, even if they weren't everything you wanted, have to count for something. Another chance at least. I love you.

copyright 2000 by Matthew A. Everett

© Matthew A Everett