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"Look at the blood on your brother's hands. Look at the blood on the floor of the church."

From: But Not For Love
Gender Age Character Name
Male 30s PATRICK
Eleanor and Ephram, sister and brother, are both getting married on the same day. And they're each getting married to a man. With protesters, policemen and a TV news crew outside the church, inside the couples are split over what their day and their ceremony should mean, to themselves or anyone else.

Patrick, Ephram's groom, agrees with Eleanor that they all need to make a statement by getting married. But Roland, Eleanor's groom, and Ephram both just want a simple ceremony and a quiet day.

Patrick's conservative religious younger brother Jacob was one of the protesters outside the church. Jacob threw a rock through the stained glass window which ended up hitting Ephram and drawing quite a bit of blood. The minister offered the stole from her clerical garments as something to be used to stop the blood flowing, which was luckily a successful strategy. The crisis past and Ephram back on his feet, the ceremony is ready to begin again. But first, Jacob is brought into the church in handcuffs to face his brother and the rest of the wedding party...

(The scenes surrounding the rock hitting Ephram and its aftermath are also available for viewing under the tag quotes -

"Oh, that's right, even ELVIS WON'T MARRY US! And he'll marry anyone! We should probably take that as a hint, don't you think?!"

"We invited that rock through the window. We were begging for it. We just didn't think - at all - about who it might hit."

"Yup, just follow the trail of blood through the church and you're bound to find me sooner or later.")

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You threw a rock into a church where you knew a wedding was taking place.
OK, so you don't believe it's a "real" wedding. There are people inside this church.
Does that means we don't count? As human.
You don't mean that. You can't mean that.
Mom and Dad are here today. Together. To witness this.
This woman is standing with her brother.
Why can't you stand with yours?
Because you think I'm wrong?
My husband was bleeding from the head because of a rock you threw.
And you think that's funny?!

PATRICK shoves the minister's now bloody rainbow stole in JACOB's face.

PATRICK (cont'd)

This is the blood you're joking about.
What? It's good enough for the minister's vestments but not good enough for you? Look at it!

PATRICK holds out his own bloody hands.

PATRICK (cont'd)

Or better yet. Look at the blood on your brother's hands.
Look at the blood on the floor of the church.
Get down there and look at it.
Sometimes God demands a sacrifice?
God took care of sacrifice a long time ago.
Look at that cross. That was the final, and only acceptable, sacrifice. God made it so we could stop sacrificing each other. The Old Testament God, that one was all about judgment and vengeance. The New Testament God is supposed to be about love and forgiveness. But humans seem a little slow on the uptake. In fact, I'm feeling very forgetful myself right now.
Take the cuffs off him. I want it to be a fair fight when I beat the living crap out of him.
Thought you found a safe place, huh? So did we.

copyright 2006 by Matthew A. Everett

© Matthew A Everett