Business Writing & Consulting

My greatest strength in business writing, apart from a keen attention to detail, is my ability to look at all communications with an outsider's eye. I seek to ensure that the message and strengths of an organization are clear and easily understandable, even to those audiences who may have had no prior contact with the organization.

- Annual Reports

As Development Associate with the Minnesota Private College Fund, I have helped craft, shape, edit and proof their Annual Reports since 2000, including the Annual Report for the Fund's 50th Anniversary.

- Internal & External Communications

As an independent contractor with The Playwrights' Center, I served as an editor for their member handbook, A User's Guide to The Playwrights' Center (2001 edition) - explaining the Center's programs and services and how to access them.

As Facilitator for The Playwrights' Center's weekly new play reading series, the General Member's Roundtable, for four years, I was responsible for informing the General Membership of the schedule, as well as guiding all the individual writers through the full process, from signing up for a reading through the reading itself. Feedback on the process was gathered after the fact for the purpose of continually improving the program.

As Development Associate with the Fund, I serve as a source of ideas for external communications such as newsletters, marketing materials and annual reports, as well as a sounding board for clarity and accuracy of outgoing correspondence to individuals, business and foundation partners.

- Grant Writing and Consulting

As Development Associate with the Fund, I help shape, edit, proof and send out all requests for support to our base of current and potential supporters in the business and foundation community.

As an individual, I have successfully applied for and received support for my own work as a writer (1999 Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship of $8,000; and 2002 Minnesota State Arts Board Career Opportunity Grant of $1,500).

In addition, I have served as consultant to other grant applicants in sharpening their own applications for support.

My service as a member of grant-making panels has allowed me insight into both sides of the process.

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