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"...quickly bring[s] his characters to life in sharp bursts of revealing and realistic dialogue."

- Minneapolis Star Tribune


Commission work for Allegheny College on "But Not For Love" and "Studpuppy" and California State University - Fullerton on "The Hopes and Fears of All the Years", as well as volunteer work for Pillsbury House Theater on their Chicago Avenue Project, proves my ability to write to specifications and complete projects within a limited time frame for production. My facility with dialogue and prolific nature would also apply to work as a script doctor.

"...bright comedy full of some very complex relationships."

- Lavender Magazine


The development process for the award-winning (LINK)Heaven & Home(LINK) and (LINK)The Surface of the World(LINK), as well as Studpuppy and The Hopes and Fears of All The Years, proves my ability to work with and adapt to mulitple collaborators in the workshop and rehearsal process for a script.

"...a profound theatrical experience that defies pat categorization."

- Frontiers Newsmagazine


My work as a script writer has received repeated monetary support from the Minnesota State Arts Board and recognition from Drama-Logue on the West Coast. Both plays and screenplays have achieved finalist status with the Jerome and McKnight Foundations, the Actors Theater of Louisville, the O'Neill Center's National Playwrights' Conference, the Minnesota Independent Film Fund, Outfest, and GLAAD (the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

For further detail, check the Awards/Honors section of the website. For samples of the work which received this support and attention, check the Plays/Musicals, Screenplays/TV Scripts, Scenes and Monologues sections of the website.

"I feel like I am getting to enjoy the Fringe vicariously through you!"

- 2003 Minnesota Fringe Festival website visitor


In 2003, I served as a roving reporter and reviewer for the 10th Annual Minnesota Fringe Festival.

In 2001 and 2002, I served as a bi-weekly lifestyle columist for "Straight Talk" on the site,

Samples of these writings can be found in the In My Humble Opinion portion of this website (Fringe Festival production reviews are concentrated between August 1st and August 13th, 2003)

In addition, I report on the Twin Cities theater community as host of "Cue to Cue," a St. Paul-based television show broadcast both on public and cable access TV channels.

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