Touched By A Handbag (or Highway To Handbag)

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TOUCHED BY A HANDBAG (or Highway to Handbag)
written with Anne Bertram

Edwina is bringing her daughter Paulina home from the psych ward when they come across a talking purple handbag by the side of the road - a handbag with which both mother and daughter have history, and issues. Talking to inanimate objects is what got Paulina committed in the first place, so a battle of wills, and realities, ensues. Lines will be drawn, show tunes will be sung, and everyone learns a lesson about life in the end.

(There is also a version of "Touched" in verse - iambic pentameter and limerick style - no, I'm serious, it's posted here, too)

written with Anne Bertram

A trip back in time to Edwina in her twenties, newly pregnant with Paulina but trying to avoid dealing with it. Edwina and the Handbag go out to New Wave night at a dance club, circa 1980s. Their encounters with the bartender, a perky wasted girl, aging community theater actor Max, and a well-meaning but very drunk bar fly who haunts the club (all played by the same actor) all help in their own way to enable the Handbag to talk some sense into Edwina, despite what she sees as a very uncertain future.

Another companion play, "Dog Tag" - also written with Anne Bertram, is posted separately on the site in the Short Plays section. It could also potentially be played by the same three actresses, even though the roles are written for men. Give it a look.


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