Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz

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Medea's sons want her to tell them a story. So Medea tells the tale of an epic love story gone horribly wrong - the story of how the young adventurer Jason met the princess Medea, the story of how the boys' mother met their father.

Medea conjures the other players in the tale, unfolding the origin of the Golden Fleece, and the quest of Jason and the Argonauts. But truth is a slippery thing - depending on the person telling the story, and the reasons they're telling it. The messier the story gets, the more variations which appear. Throughout, the goddesses and gods of legend meddle in affairs of the human heart.

Medea betrayed her father and her country in order to help Jason obtain the Golden Fleece. She helped murder her own brother to aid their escape. Before it was all over, a giant, two kings, and a princess, among others, were dead. And depending on which version you believe, Medea's sons die as well. But who kills them, and why?

"Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz" explores the stories and lies we tell others, and ourselves.

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