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Dennis has been admitted to the psychiatric ward of Bethesda Hospital. The hospital has changed a lot over the years. It used to be a standard hospital with ER, surgical suites, maternity ward, etc. Now it specializes in rehabilitation, both physical and psychological. Dennis has returned to the hospital where he was born under very different circumstances. He is alone and uneasy until he receives an unexpected visitor, a young girl named Miranda. Miranda was also born at Bethesda, and died there when she was thirteen. She, like the other ghosts who have departed the living world from this hospital, stays around to keep an eye on things, to keep the living patients calm, to give them comfort until their own loved ones can bear to visit. However, being haunted, even by a friendly ghost, can take some getting used to.

(Note: the dialogue is gender-neutral, so that the roles could be played by the opposite sex, with changes in the names to Denise and Michael.)


The full script of "Bethesda" is available for purchase as part of "Short Plays for Young Actors and Audiences, Volume 1" (in hard copy or download form) at

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