Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz

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The play is designed as an exercise in storytelling. It can be as simple or as complex in execution as you desire. It is not meant to be interpreted as literal realism.

The use of masks, puppets, shadow play, live music, and dumb show is frequently suggested in the script, but no specifics are laid out. It is open to interpretation.

The script is designed to be performed by an ensemble of nine actors, both male and female. At some point, nearly all of them will be playing across gender lines. The ensemble starts as a storytelling unit, and specific characters emerge out of the story, with different members of the ensemble taking the lead in driving different sections of the story.

The only place where specific gender is vital is in the two central characters. Since this is in part a play about the inequity of gender roles in societies both ancient and not so ancient, it is important that Medea be played by a female actor, and that Jason be played by a male actor. Otherwise, play around as much as you like with the others in the ensemble.

Regarding the children - The play has been written so it is not necessary to use child actors. The children's lines can be spoken into live microphones offstage (preferable) or prerecorded as sound cues by the ensemble actors indicated in the script. For the premiere production in Iowa, they chose to bring in young actors to play the roles of Medea & Jason's two sons onstage, assigning the lines to those two actors instead. You can feel free to do either.

The premiere production in Iowa also added three actors to the ensemble specifically dedicated to creating live music and sound effects, rather than have those duties taken on by the primary ensemble. Again, you can feel free to go either direction.

Time - Now and Then

Place - Where stories are told

Run time - 90 minutes

Cast of Characters

ACTOR 1 (Medea)

a princess with magical powers

ACTOR 2 (Jason)

an adventurer


Oracle, Apsyrtus #1, lead on Golden Fleece story, lead on Talus story, Daughter #5


Cupid, Warrior #1, Apsyrtus #2, Daughter #4, lead on the Hera/Argo story, King Creon


Aphrodite, Apsyrtus #3, lead on the First Meet story, Daughter #3, Glauke


Hera, Warrior #3, Apsyrtus #4, lead on daughters story


King Pelias, Warrior #2, Alexander the Great


Son #2, Fred, Talus, Daughter #2, lead on the Pelias story, lead on Apsyrtus story


Son #1, King Aeetes, Daughter #1, King Aegeus

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