How To Date A Werewolf; or, Loneseome, Wild and Blue

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Production History

Time - the present
Place - a restaurant, and various

a table and two chairs for the restaurant, a coat for Robin, a lab coat and file/clipboard for the doctor, a waiter outfit for Glenn the zombie (also, some easily removable zombie makeup), mourning clothes for Jordan, a sad hat for Jamie, a pair of fake-looking furry werewolf paws for Dana, a balloon for Robin, a leash and collar for Taylor, some sort of militant armband/uniform/T-shirt for Alex, wipes for Glenn to remove the makeup onstage, a rolling office chair for Glenn's flashback scene at the end

(This play is written to be non-gender-specific, so the actors could be in any combination of male or female. Adjust the pronouns accordingly.)

Characters may be played by either gender, but should probably either be all male, or all female (bisexuality still seems to confuse people, for some reason)

Feel free to mix things up in terms of race, age, disability, etc. If they're old it means one thing, if they're young it means another.

Cast of Characters


the werewolf


the zombie


Third Actor (3) plays a number of roles: Terry's date ROBIN, Terry's DOCTOR, Glenns spouse JORDAN, the lonely JAMIE, the overly enthusiastic DANA, the collector TAYLOR, the recruiter ALEX

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