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Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz - Production History

Production History

The Flowershop Project: October 2011
Bryant Lake Bowl
Minneapolis, MN
"Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz" was presented by The Flowershop Project at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, MN ( - the following Saturdays and Sundays in October 2011, October 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 and 16.

The director was Brenna Jones. Assistant Director, Bethany Hummel. Stage manager, James Allen Gappa. Assistant Stage Manager, Megan Murphy. Set Design by Philip Hoks. Props by Sarah Salisbury. Costume Design/Location Scout/Animal Wrangler was Farrah Buffington. Cinematographer and Fight Coordinator was James Buffington. Graphic Design/Website by Justin Ziegler. Dramaturg, Matthew A. Everett.

The cast was as follows:

ACTOR 1 (Medea): Joy Dolo
ACTOR 2 (Jason): Zach Delventhal
ACTOR 3: Victoria Pyan
ACTOR 4: Aaron Konigsmark
ACTOR 5: Renee Werbowski
ACTOR 6: Laura Wiebers
ACTOR 7: Adam Scarpello
ACTOR 8: Ryan James Coble
ACTOR 9: Erin Denman

Iowa Western Community College Department of Theatre: April 2009
Black Box Theatre
Council Bluffs, IA
"Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz" was presented by the Department of Theatre at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, IA ( in their Black Box theater space, April 15 to 25, 2009.

The director was Martin Scott Marchitto (Faculty). Stage manager was Suzanne Withem. Set Design/Technical Direction by Carl Dumicich (Department Chair). Costume Design by Jennifer Pool (Faculty). Lighting Design by Rebekah Johnson. Assistant Lighting Designer - Cheyne King. Sound Design by Jonathan Hall. Props Master was Micheila Marshall. Tatto/Poster Design by Alexander Bridgman. Makeup Design by Mary Slater. Assistant Stage Manager/Light Board Operator was Katy Jones.

This production was entered for consideration as a participating production in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF).

Understudy Adrian Armstrong went on for two performances in the role of ACTOR 8.

This production also added two musicians to the ensemble to add live music and sound effects - Brad Chapin and Anthony Holmes.

This production also added two young boys to bring Medea & Jason's sons onstage into the action - Robert Moller and Samuel Planck.

School of Fine Arts, Mathematics,
Engineering & Computer Studies
Dean - Carol Huffman
Secretary - Joanne Hiller

Arts Center Technical Director - Keith Christie.
House Manager - Imani Taylor.
Box Office - Molly Noon & DeEtta Robison.

Sound Board Operator - Joshua Gear.
Costume Crew - Ren Klegin & April Barrier
Backstage Run Crew - Adrian Armstrong, Rebekah Johnson, Bradly Houvenagle
Publicity Crew - Alexander Bridgman, Adrian Armstrong.

The cast was as follows:

ACTOR 1 (Medea): Jacqualyn Stanfield
ACTOR 2 (Jason): Edward Wayne
ACTOR 3: Matt Thompson
ACTOR 4: Caleb Borden
ACTOR 5: Mary Slater
ACTOR 6: Christopher Gartner
ACTOR 7: Cheyne King
ACTOR 8: Dustyn Hawley
ACTOR 9: Alexander Bridgman

The Playwrights' Center: June 1996
Roundtable reading series
Minneapolis, MN
A previous draft of this story, under the title "Rubicon Waltz," received a public reading as part of the Roundtable weekly new play reading series at the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis, MN, on June 20, 1996.

Stage directions read by Roy Close.

In this incarnation of the story, there were only five actors:

Actor 1 played Medea/Aphrodite/Judith
Actor 2 played Jason/Jay
Actor 3 played Pelias/Hera/Aeetes/Warrior #3/Nurse/Argonaut/Creon/Alexander/Kevin
Actor 4 played Oracle/Cupid/Apsyrtus/Warrior #2/Glauke/Mitch
Actor 5 played Talus/Aegeus/Warrior #1/Patrick

The cast was as follows:

ACTOR 1 (Medea): Anna Sommer
ACTOR 2 (Jason): William Franke
ACTOR 3: David Fenley
ACTOR 4: Eriq Nelson
ACTOR 5: Greg Joelson

Colorado Shakespeare Festival: July 1990
Colorado University Theater Department
Boulder, CO
A previous draft of this story, under the title "Rubicon Waltz," received a public reading by members of the acting company of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder, CO, during the summer of 1990.


Yale School of Drama: September 1989
Edgewood Avenue apartment
New Haven, CT
A previous version of the story, under the title "Rubicon Waltz," had an informal reading with actors from the Yale School of Drama in the fall of 1989.

In this incarnation, there were seven actors:

Actor 1 (actually tagged as Actor 6) played Meg/Medea/Hera/Caller #3

Actor 2 (actually tagged as Actor 5) played Benjamin/Jason/Callers #2 & 5

Actor 3 (actually tagged as Actor 1) played Jackson

Actor 4 (actually tagged as Actor 2) played Seth/Cupid/Fred/Aegeus/Daughters #1 & 5/Caller #4

Actor 5 (actually tagged as Actor 3) played Phillip/Apsyrtus/Talus/Brad/Daughters #2 & 6

Actor 6 (actually tagged as Actor 4) played Murphy/Pelias/Aeetes/Creon/Daughters #3 & 7

Actor 7 played Waitress/Aphrodite/Glauke/Daughters #4 & 8/Caller #1

The cast was as follows:

ACTOR 1 (Medea): Pamela Gray
ACTOR 2 (Jason): William McGuire
ACTOR 3: Joseph Fuqua
ACTOR 4: Sean Cullen
ACTOR 5: Tom Ericson
ACTOR 6: Malcolm Gets
ACTOR 7: Zoey Zimmerman

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