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Byron's been dead nearly two years but Cian's still having conversations with him. Cian's brother, Vince, was Byron's best friend in life. Haunted by fading memories of Byron, Vince is angered by the visits his brother is receiving, particularly because Vince was a constant presence at Byron's hospital bed during Byron's last days, while Cian could hardly bring himself to visit twice.

As the brothers fight for custody of Byron's ghost, the two people who love them push for Vince and Cian to get on with their lives. Gabby, a bartender and Vince's long-term girlfriend, defends her religious convictions against Vince's feelings that God has betrayed him by allowing Byron to die. At the same time, Andrew, a reformed hustler, courts Cian but is frustrated by Cian's continuing devotion to Byron's memory.

Moving fluidly between past and present, "Heaven and Home" is about the different kinds of love and friendship, grief and loss. How a sense of humor and a hand to hold are sometimes the only things that can lead you out of a dark place. A story of the afterlife and the life after.

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