How To Date A Werewolf; or, Loneseome, Wild and Blue

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If you’re a werewolf, dating is hard enough. But when your ex is a zombie who just won’t go away, that can complicate matters. A romantic comedy with a supernatural twist, because everybody’s a monster a couple of days a month.

Terry has recently been diagnosed with latent lycanthropy - a carrier of the werewolf virus, which can be spread through sexual contact. In a restaurant, Terry’s date, Robin, reminds them of Terry’s doctor, and a memory of a recent medical appointment. When Robin steps off to the restroom, the waiter arrives. The waiter turns out to be Glenn, the zombie remains of Terry’s former lover, who has some unfinished personal business with Terry. But then, Terry has unfinished personal business with Glenn as well.

(This play is written to be non-gender-specific, so the actors could be in any combination of male or female. Adjust the pronouns accordingly.)

Characters may be played by either gender, but should probably either be all male, or all female (bisexuality still seems to confuse people, for some reason)

Feel free to mix things up in terms of race, age, disability, etc. If they're old it means one thing, if they're young it means another.

© Matthew A Everett